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Cherry Blossom Love Bridal Shower Theme

Love is blooming all around!

Love "blossoms" on our newest bridal shower design, Cherry Blossom. The design of the Cherry Blossom collection features graceful branches filled with blossoming cherry tree blooms, while delicate butterflies flutter among the branches. A singular celadon green border with gray accent trim decorates the background of this beautiful design.

Promising to bring grace and elegance to your bridal shower celebration, our Cherry Blossom Love Bridal Shower collection includes classically designed invitations, contemporary square-shaped dessert and dinner plates, napkins, cups and tablecovers. The Cherry Blossom design can be enhanced with the addition of solid-colored party ware and accessories. The differing hues of pink in the Cherry Blossom design, along with the silver and celery green highlights allows for easy incorporation of solid-color bridal shower supplies and decorations, resulting in that professionally-designed feel.
Cherry Blossom Love Shower Invitations
Cherry Blossom Love Beverage Napkins
Cherry Blossom Love Luncheon Napkins
Cherry Blossom Love 7" Dessert Plates
Cherry Blossom Love 10" Dinner Plates
Cherry Blossom Love 9-ounce Drink Cups
Cherry Blossom Love Decorative Tablecover
Two Love Birds Lantern Garland
Two Love Birds Paper Lantern
Please Be Seeded Cherry Blossom Plantable Seed Place Cards (set of 12)
Cherry Blossom Cake Candle
Cherry Blossom Personalized Round Travel Candle Tins
Cherry Blossom Candy Jars
"Cherry Blossom" Scented Soap
"Something Blue" Mirror Compact in Elegant Organza Pouch
Silver Plated Wedding Cake Place Card Holders
Buttermints Bright Pink
Jordan Almonds - Silver - 9 oz
Amorini Chocolate Hearts - Silver - 10 oz
Buttermints Bridal Shower
2" Silver Square Boxes with Lid
Silver 2" Favor Box Kit
"Express Your Love" Elegant Icon Favor Box (Set of 24)
Candy Pink Plates - 7"
Candy Pink Cups - 9 oz
Candy Pink Plates - 9"
75 ft Curl Ribbon - Candy Pink
Candy Pink Cutlery - 24 pc Assorted
Candy Pink Drink Napkins - 50 count
Candy Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Candy Pink Lunch Napkins - 50 count
81 ft Crepe Streamer - Candy Pink
Candy Pink Decorative Table Cover
Silk Pink Balloons - 12"
Silver Plates - 7"
Silver Plates - 9"
Silver Cups - 9 oz
Shining Platinum Balloons - 12"
75 ft Curl Ribbon - Silver
Silver Drink Napkins - 50 count
Silver Lunch Napkins - 50 count
81 ft Crepe Streamer - Silver
Silver Decorative Table Cover
Pastel Blue Plates - 7"
Pastel Blue Cups - 9 oz
Pastel Blue Plates - 9"
Silk Blue Balloons - 12"
75 ft Curl Ribbon - Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue Cutlery - 24 pc Assorted
Pastel Blue Drink Napkins - 50 count
Pastel Blue Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Pastel Blue Lunch Napkins - 50 count
Pastel Blue 18" Star Foil Balloon
81 ft Crepe Streamer - Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue Decorative Table Cover
Celery Plates - 7"
Celery Plates - 9"
Celery Cups - 9 oz
Celery Drink Napkins - 50 count
Celery Lunch Napkins - 50 count
Celery Decorative Table Cover
75 ft Curl Ribbon - Celery
81 ft Crepe Streamer - Lime
Celery Cutlery - 24 pc Assorted
Hot Magenta Plates - 7"
Hot Magenta Cups - 9 oz
Hot Magenta Plates - 9"
75 ft Curl Ribbon - Hot Magenta
Hot Magenta Cutlery - 24 pc Assorted
Hot Magenta Drink Napkins - 50 count
Hot Magenta Lunch Napkins - 50 count
81 ft Crepe Streamer - Hot Magenta
Hot Magenta Decorative Table Cover
Satin Raspberry Balloons - 12"

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